Green Learning Programs

Bequeath a sustainable world to our children


    Elysium Foundation initiated the Green learning programs to educate the importance and benefits of the environmentally friendly activities to the students, so as to develop deep ecological values and serve for the welfare of the community. Our Green learning program reduces utility costs and environmental impacts, and also promotes conservation of resources.

    The Green Learning Program enhances the academic life experience of passionate students and empowers them to become socially responsible, innovative, and environmentally conscious leaders in future. This program prepares the students to be critical and creative thinkers so as to become confident to defend the sustainability of the environment. Our program inspires the thirst of the students for wisdom and nurture the passion of the students to influence the change in the way to save the environmental resources. By offering a blended learning program, we are nurturing a love of learning, entrepreneurship, independence and a self-directed education for the learners. Our programs bridge the gap between textbook learning and real-time industry experience by taking students behind the scenes of the clean energy and sustainability initiatives.



    • Revitalize our communities with energy efficient infrastructures.
    • Conserve and enhance natural and man-made heritage, including biological diversity of unique ecosystems.
    • Rebuild our economy through the establishment of business and creating many job opportunities.
    • Ensure sustainable and equitable use of resources without degrading the environment or risking health or safety.
    • Create a greener and more sustainable environment.
    • Create a community that fosters the environmental awareness and build the future stewards of our environment.
    • Establish Elysium Foundation as an integral force for education and inventors of energy efficient and renewable energy projects.
    • Create educational and advertising programs to better inform the importance of green technology for the health benefits and energy savings from retrofitting the existing housing structures with solar energy and energy efficiency improvements.
    • Create educative programs to clearly emphasize the options related to energy efficient mortgage opportunities to the people.