Rural Education Development Programs

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    Elysium Foundation has recognized the importance of the educational development of the students in the rural areas and remote parts of the country and initiated the rural education development program to strengthen the remote communities with the enriched education for the sustainable development initiatives. Our rural education development program provides the resources and guidance to help the people of the rural communities learn to utilize their knowledge, abilities, skills and resources to improve their quality of life and future generations. Development of education in the rural areas promotes innovative and alternative forms of education to respond to the particular needs of the society.

    Through the contiguous effort and motivated workforce, we can make a unique contribution in the way of improving quality of life of the rural people. Through our innovative and flexible development programs, the youth in the rural areas will be educated to cater to the demands of the latest jobs available in the sector. Since, people in the rural areas have only a limited awareness of the job market or career options, more emphasis should be given to the provision of information about the development program that is being provided, including the results of any appropriately validated evaluations of this program. We educate the rural learners and make them conscious and concerned about the self-reliance, social justice and cooperation, so that they may be prepared and equipped to work out for themselves and others and keep proceeding further with their own human dignity and destiny.



    • Provides high quality education to the students in the rural areas to create equal opportunities to participate in the economic growth of the nation.
    • Take the Education beyond the literacy and rudimentary skills.
    • Strive to make the children fluent in English and adept in computer skills.
    • Adopting a nurturing, holistic approach to help the children to realize their full potential.
    • Actively promote education of the female children.
    • Increase educational awareness in rural communities.
    • Preserve the identities, traditions and culture of the rural communities.
    • Increase the living standard and income level of the rural communities.