Student Entrepreneurship Program

Small Opportunities are the beginning of the Great Enterprises


    Elysium Foundation initiated an exciting and motivational entrepreneurship program aimed at encouraging the students to think in terms of building their own businesses. Our program ensures a safe and educational environment to explore the entrepreneurial ideas and provides interactive sessions that focus on providing information about the strategies required for the development of small businesses.

    Students can understand the basic characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, rewards and risks of the entrepreneurship and ownership of small business, importance of networking strategies required to conduct cautious business research and develop the business and market plans.

    Students can obtain the information about the small business organizations, relevant legislations that regulate small business and the requirements of those agencies responsible for approving and financing small businesses.



    • Establishment of skills in business startup and maintaining business longevity.
    • Creates entrepreneurial thinkers and tools to start their own businesses.
    • Enables the students to engage in ethical business principles.
    • Ability to find the next level of training or access other resources and services.
    • Demonstration of business management/operational skills.
    • Increase the awareness about the role of the entrepreneurs.
    • Improves economic knowledge and understanding of capitalism and business plans.
    • Change the personal and career attitudes of the students towards entrepreneurship.
    • Helps the students to recognize the contributions of the entrepreneurs to the society.