What We Do

Strive For Cumulative Progress In The Community


    At the Elysium Foundation, it has been our motive to provide high quality education to the students aptly supported by huge infrastructure, modern amenities, competent faculty and latest pedagogy that leads to the multifaceted development of their innate talent, intellectual and physical capabilities and overall personality. Our endeavor is to liberate the students from the tyranny of the monotonous learning and ensure relevant learning through innovative teaching strategies, to inculcate a sound knowledge in Education along with the social responsibilities.

    It is our prime objective to build and nurture a generation of young citizens by imparting education with contemporary knowledge, technical expertise and professional skills, optimally blended with high ethical values, so as to constantly develop our efforts to enhance the entrepreneurial skills. Our curriculum provides high governance and leadership skills without limiting the students with mere practices.

    Elysium Foundation provides women with the knowledge and skills needed to expand their economic opportunities and improve their livelihoods, by developing locally appropriate models and working in partnership with women and community based organizations. Empowering women to contribute to sustainable economic development is a key element for the socioeconomic development. Elysium Foundation strives to create a society balanced with the nature through efficient use of resources, encouraging the use of low-environmental impact technologies and promoting renewable energy.

    Educational Activities of the Elysium Foundation


    • Establishing and developing state-of-art integrated educational facilities, for the learners, utilizing the global knowledge base, proven methodologies and latest technology at our command.
    • Collaborating with more advanced national and international organizations/ institutions with a shared vision and mission.
    • Contributing to research and other developmental activities to understand, improve and innovate in the knowledge base of the areas of our operations.
    • Designing and providing educational programs and courses of studies in traditional, emerging and innovative areas to develop future oriented knowledge workers, researchers and technical professionals with a commitment to excellence in order to realize their fullest potential so as to adapt to the changing globalized environment.
    • Offering growth oriented and positive environment to inculcate ethical standards with emphasis on human dignity, teamwork and environmental sensitivity.
    • Planning and gaining active contribution of various stakeholders and the society.