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Our team is passionate about sharing a common vision to transform and uplift rural development through skills and other means of empowerment. Our experts are highly experienced, covering vocational skills and its constituent sectors and markets.

Elysium Groups Vice President Finance
Muthumari A
VP - Finance
Elysium Groups Cao
Senthil Kumar A K
CAO - Elysium Groups
Elysium Groups Vice President Legal
Nagarajan RA
VP - Legal
Elysium Groups Vice President Global Connect
Sankar Ganesh U
VP - Global Connect
Elysium Groups Vice President Human Resources
Arun Kumar K
VP - Human Resources
Roobena Hasanath F
VP - Marketing & Promotion
Gowthami K
VP - Sales
Elysium Groups Citm
Sarath Chandran S
CITM - Elysium Groups
Elysium Groups Cqt
Murali Narasimhan R
CQT - Elysium Groups

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