Women Leadership Training

Women Leadership Training

We at Elysium Foundation contribute towards women empowerment counselling program. This program covers offering ideas and strategies for emerging women entrepreneurs.

“Creating Powerful Women - Beyond Measure of Description”

Women Empowerment Training

Women’s career development is more complicated than men due to internal and external barriers, including early gender-role orientation, employment inequities, and family responsibilities, which complicate and restrict women’s career choices and advancement. Women have to come across many hurdles and need to play different roles like a mother, wife, daughter, in-law, sister, and all. With all these hurdles, a woman has to balance her life and achieve something in her life. Every man forgets that a woman also has a career. Increasing rural women’s access to decent employment opportunities is key to improving their productivity and earning power, raising family incomes and security for their future.

Empower Women will lead the way for gender equality. Most rural women are unaware of their opportunities and careers doing jobs. We, the Elysium Foundation, has the solutions for their hardness to shine in their career. Thus, we offer career development counselling programs for women to face this unfair society. It enhances individual competencies in self-knowledge, educational and occupational exploration, and career planning.  We give the woman self-confidence, which in turn makes her an independent individual. Her career will secure her future and helps her development.


Improves Physical Wellbeing

Refining the physical wellbeing to gain more energy for the betterment

Creates Different perspective

Gaining a new angle of thinking to handle every obstacle facing in the real world

Sharing the emotions

Relieves all issues and burdens confronted to create balanced behaviour

Greater Self esteem

By improving positive thinkings about us and take on challenges to face

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