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Our Vocational Courses

We cater to vocational skills for rural people who are motivated to change the world. These skills enhance every individual to gain 100% responsibility, entrepreneur leadership, growth mindset, and mindfulness. Rural development is on the rise, given that in the modern era, urban areas have already been developed. However, the move to improve rural areas has to consider certain features such as the financial and agricultural knowledge of rural development. Our vocational course will impart its participants the knowledge on the proper techniques and key principles of rural development. Vocational training is the instructional schedule that provides you with an occupation requiring a specific skill, such as a technician, artisan or tradesperson 

Elysium Foundation Child Education

Child Education

Traditional Cooking Training

Traditional Cooking

Professional Training

Professional Training

Craft Vocational Training

Art & Craft

Wood Carving Vocational Training

Wood Carving

Rural Women Vocational Traning

Women Empowerment

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