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Elysium Foundation, a Non-government organization and voluntary organization, registered in the year 2009. Elysium Group of Companies founded Elysium Foundation, which is associated with Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR). Our Non-government organization has a keen interest in working for cultural, environmental, and socio-economic.. The major aim of “Elysium Foundation” Non-government organization fostering an alternative pathway for development using cultural heritage as concrete means for improving people’s livelihoods and empowering local communities.

It is vital to keep strengthening rural communities for their betterment of living. Elysium Foundation (Non-government organization) invests in creating infrastructure and services to . Besides, Our Foundation makes access to education, skills like art and craft, carving and career-oriented. We always believe in the power of partnership and collaboration.

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Non-Government Organization
Elysium Foundation | Elysium Foundation
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“If you want happiness with you, help somebody….”

We tend to unlock the possibility of living in every nook and corner of the world. We connect daily with the non-profit organization to get advised, revise issues and products. Our Foundation works to empower thousands of rural communities for a better standard of living. We encourage skills and education in rural communities through knowledge platforms. We tend to unlock the possibility of living in every nook and corner of the world.

Over the years, Our Foundation has laid a robust infrastructure for more than 2500+ people across India. We ardently involve in delivering various skills for employment programs to all rural communities.

We work for the empowerment of underprivileged people. We aim to fulfil their tasks that are oriented to bring a desirable change in society. We are committed to the root cause of the problems and provide a better quality of life, especially to the poor and those who need help. They volunteer to give them better education, livelihood, etc.

Permanent change under development is possible with changes in the socio-economic condition of society, which is largely the responsibility of government, but civilians and citizens can act as makers of social change as part of a non-governmental effort. Positive change at a small scale is possible through participation in decision-making processes through welfare programmes and activities.

Social activists, social groups, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can all play an important role in pushing the development process forward, both theoretically and practically. They can work on an ideological level to implement result-oriented, stable socioeconomic change initiatives, as well as influence policy formulation and implementation processes.

Though the societies’ development is a part of the regular development process of civilizations, social activists, civilians, and groups of change-makers known as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) must play a vital role in the process’s completion in order to keep the process going and achieve better targets on a regular basis without conflicts and dominance in society.

Impart Skill Development Training to Rural People

Our Vocational Skills

Elysium Foundation Child Education

Child Education

Traditional Cooking Training

Traditional Cooking

Professional Training

Professional Training

Wood Carving Vocational Training

Wood Carving

Craft Vocational Training

Art & Craft

Rural Women Vocational Traning

Women Leader

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