Traditional Cooking training

Traditional Cooking Training

We provide the professional cooking skill to the women. By training them, we concentrate on them to become self-dependent without anyone else’s support.

“ Making Rural Women Shine - Empowerment through Cooking Skills ”

Traditional Cooking Classes

The tradition of a community is best known through food. Every country will add beauty to its traditional food. It is everyone’s duty to protect our traditional. We offers a skill that gives a touch of our culture and heritage. This combines delicious food and the old Indian Folklore fascinations that makes up an interesting cooking skill training with different kinds of spices. This skill will help improve your own home-cooking skills. Without destroying our traditional, this skill is given to the rural womens to be aware of our traditional food habits.


We train them professionally so that they get an expert and become an entrepreneur. After the completion of the training, we have to settle those women. Therefore, they become financially independent and can work for self-growth. Through the Elysium Foundation, we are looking to support socially disadvantaged rural people in developing their careers and helping them find jobs to earn their livings.


Makes You Self-Sufficient

To reinforce yourself that having the ability to provide your well-being

Boost Your Social Skills

having kindness toward others and tend to share with them

Makes You More Creative

Developing conservative skills and innovation to take risks

Become a Master Chef

By developing Self-confidence and brace yourselves in cooking

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