Beautiful Kerala Lady


Kerala-lady oil painting is our unique collection among out paintings. Kerala is God’s own land. Kerala is fully occupied by nature and greeneries everywhere. Kerala is filled with nature and culture. all the people of Kerala are well occupied with their daily chores. Especially the Kerala ladies always look adorable with their attires. Ever chill climate and a moist atmosphere with sudden rainfalls make the whole state cool every time. People, there are also very cool looking and kind natured. The Kerala women follow traditional attires like wearing jewels, flowers, make-up, and handmade Mehandi’s. Their hair is always well-combed and pinned neatly. Their traditional dress is saree, where most of the women wear homemade kajal on their eyes. White sarees with borders of different colors are loved and worn by Kerala women. Hence, that saree is named “Kerala Saree” globe wide.
Our Elysium Foundation‘s “Kerala Lady” Oil painting theme is based on the above-said features. The Kerala lady represents a Kathakali pose, where Kathakali is the traditional dance form of the state. The oil painting is done using quality oil-based paint materials which never fades or get damaged.
It is an excellent platform for upcoming artists to showcase their work and provides art enthusiasts with an opportunity to develop their collections where the amount raised by this sale is fully dedicated for the Elysium foundation charity purpose.

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Elysium Foundation displays the work of both established and promising artists at affordable prices. It is an outstanding platform for upcoming artists to showcase their work and provides art enthusiasts with an opportunity to develop their collections, all the while giving to charity. Oil painting is a type of paint that involves mixing crushed colour pigments, usually with linseed oil, although seed oil can also be applied. The support on which it is painted must be included with a primer before so that the layer of paint can adhere to the support, an extra step that is crucial to the actual process and also means that it can be adjusted to many types of surfaces.
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