Significance of Rural Development

Significance Of Rural Development

Significance of Rural Development

Significance of Rural Development: In more recent years, raised concerns on the environmental aspects of economic nandrolone decanoate dosage growth have also inspired the changes. Today’s concept of rural development is radically changed from that done about three or four decades ago.

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The idea directly encompasses “matters that go well behind improvements in growth, income and output. The concern involves assessing differences in the quality of life, broadly determined to improve health and nutrition, learning, environmentally safe living situations and reduction in gender and Earnings inequalities.

Rural development is essential not only for the majority of the population remaining in the rural areas. At the same time, overall economic expansion of the nation.

Rural development is as essential as urban development. Mitigating the hardships of the rural people is vital to rural development. In fact, efforts at increasing the rural areas are aimed at creating industries and employment opportunities.

Generally, what we need is to improve the rural people by providing them with education. They need to have infrastructure like electricity and water therefore that they are free from the cycle of droughts and floods.

Primary Purposes of Rural Development

  • To increase productivity and wages of rural people
  • To ensure improved and immediate employment possibilities
  • To demolish unemployment and make an essential decline in underemployment
  • To support an increase in the standard of living of the underprivileged population
  • To provide the basic needs: elementary education, healthcare, clean drinking water, rural roads, etc.

Usually, rural development refers to improving individuals’ quality of life and financial well-being, mainly living in populated and remote areas.

The major factors that affect rural development in India

Rural development is a term that concentrates on the actions taken for the development of rural areas to enhance the economy. However, few areas demand to be more focused attention in following areas such as

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Women empowerment
  • Infrastructure development
  • Facilities for agriculture extension and research
  • Employment opportunities


Important to realize that rural development is considered more important in the country today than in the olden days in the progress of the evolution in the nation. As well as, it is a strategy that tries to get improved and productivity, higher socio-economic equality and ambition, and stability in social and also economic development.

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