Strengthening Rural Communities – Women Empowerment Training

Women Empowerment Training

Strengthening Rural Communities – Women Empowerment Training


Elysium Foundation creates opportunities for women to build their careers through women empowerment training. In this program, we provide ideas and strategies for emerging women entrepreneurs and become like business people. Basically, Women’s professional development is more difficult than men because of internal and external barriers. For example, it contains family responsibilities, early gender-role orientation, employment inequities, and complicating and restricting women’s career decisions and advancement.

We also provide solutions for their hardness to glow in their career. Thus, we provide Women’s professional development counselling programs to handle this society. As a result, It improves an individual’s educational skills, occupational exploration, self-knowledge, and career planning.

Benefits of this women empowerment training

  • It improves physical well-being to get more energy for development.
  • It creates a different perspective to face this real world.
  • It shares the emotions to relieve their stress and burdens.
  • It boosts their self-esteem to face the hurdles in the world.

Professional skill women empowerment training

  • As a women, you need to update yourself with the upcoming professional technology.
  • In our training, we provide IT & ITES (Information Technology & Information Technology Enabled Services) in rural communities with no profit.
  • Enlighten your career growth with our efficient training for your fruitful career.
  • By this training you can gain a knowledge on this fields and you can be a successful business women.
  • It improves self-confidence and build your self-esteem.

Traditional cooking training

  • Self-help is the best help, so you need to acquire knowledge in every other field.
  • As a woman, you weren’t meant to cook and stay in the home; you have to learn through this training to break this barrier.
  • You can become a master chef and boost your self-confidence through this career development training.
  • You can become an entrepreneur to survive in this world with these traditional cooking skills. 
  • It makes you more creative and unique in this field, and you can earn more profit.
  • You can have a cakewalk in this cooking industry and become financially independent.
  • We support underprivileged rural people in improving their works and helping them find employment to earn their livings.

Wood carving training

  • In women empowerment training, we provide many kinds of career developing skills to make awareness on rural communities.
  • You can get handcrafted training in the field of wood carving.
  • It is custom-built and remarkable guidance for underprivileged rural people for their survival.
  • It supports to develop their capacity framework and the creation of Master crafts experts.
  • It is used to live a fulfilled life and attach with the real world.
  • It reduces stress & burdens and improves psychical health and provides hope on survival.
  • It develops your creativity and make you self-confidence personality.

Art & Craft Training

  • Generally, we help you to stand up for yourself by this art & craft training.
  • Handcrafted products are made up of our experts by craft training skills programme.
  • Particularly painting as an example of traditional Tanjore painting.
  • Tanjore painting is an elegant & beautiful traditional art form, and it has a vibrant heritage.
  • It is used to support and enhance the present organizational infrastructure that helps improve rural people’s resources socially and economically worthwhile.
  • It helps to prove themselves to improve the mental health to let your thoughts connect with you.
  • It makes more creative to inspire and learn with a healthy and happier mind-set.
  • It inspires to think critically to understand and allow the sensible standards of reasoning in art.


Our Elysium Foundation helps to improve the women empowerment training in all over the field. Women can be empowered in a number of different ways, both individuals and the government must work together to make it happen. Women education must be made compulsory so that uneducated women able to support herself.

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