Teracotta Camp

Women Empowerment Training

Teracotta Camp

Under this Art and Craft Camp, Elysium Foundation has served about 50+ rural communities to enrich the knowledge of creativity and innovation in doing Terracotta work. Our Foundation has organised this camp among the rural people in developing vocational skills in them.

Shaping the Rural Generation

India is known for its rich cultural heritage of arts and crafts. These skills have a growing opportunity among the urban and rural areas for their livelihood.

Elysium Foundation aims to provide free, holistic and creativity based education to all rural people. So, This vision has spread across various regions, training rural community in art and craft vocational skills. Our FoundationFoundation works for the revival of the craft and socio-economic development of the craft persons.

Our Foundation works for the preservation and promotion of traditional craft skills like clay modelling, Terracotta making and other craft skills. First of all, Terracotta is believed to be the oldest craft skills to be developed. It was once considered to be Poor men’s craft. But in recent times, it has gained its access and marked its identity among people.

Our Foundation has Organised a Terracotta camp for rural people. We arranged for an Art and Craft camp in around rural villages. In which, we offered training to rural women in Terracotta craftworks. In this, Our Art and Craft Experts trained the rural women in making creative and innovative Terracotta Jewellery professionally. Also, rural people interacted very happily with our team and learnt the skills passionately. As a result, they were able to create more creative and peculiar jewellery which makes them look beautiful.

Impact Created

Due to the beautiful session of our camp among the rural people, they learnt various techniques involved in terracotta jewellery making. Those Rural people, especially women, were so enthusiastic in their skills and interacted with our team so friendly. As a result, those women were able to create their craftwork and make their look elegant.

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