Vocational Education And Training

Vocational Education and Training


Vocational Education and Training: Elysium Foundation provides Vocational Education and Training for Women’s Economic Development not only depends on the availability of jobs but also on protective policies in job settings and community-based support for their approach into the workplace. Policymakers must assure that laws improve gender equality in the workplace and incentivize employers to create a women-friendly work environment.

Aims of Vocational Education and Training for Women’s Economic Development

Vocational Education and Training for Women is necessary because they are hard workers and can make significant contributions to their quality of life.

  1. Socio-economic empowerment of rural women to protest against violence.
  2. Improvement of the quality of women’s lives.
  3. Gender-based community development.
  4. Highlight the significance of women education and raise their cooperation in economic development.
  5. To develop skills-based income support by training women and thereby empower them with the knowledge and strengthen their position to make them one of the earning member of their families.
  6. Increase the general perception that honour of a person lies in the privacy of the women.

Elysium Foundation supports rural people to obtain their own destiny by improving their transition to a lot of opportunities after school. As well as, the Vocational Skills can be seen as an aspect of training which uses explicit knowledge in the benefit of practical and implemented skill in the solution of technical difficulties.

It is the method of acquiring attitude, knowledge, competencies relating to occupations in several factors of economics and social life. This will provide employment for its recipients and relevant vocational skill development program designed to equip persons of trainable qualities with skills.

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