Vocational Training Courses for Women Empowerment

Vocational Training Courses

Vocational Training Courses for Women Empowerment

Elysium foundation understands that each person has various abilities, interests, and objectives. Therefore, we offer practical, personalized Vocational Training Courses that fits each student’s situation. In addition, we can support each individual’s requirements and desires by offering business creation, development, and education training for job placement.

Importance of Skill Development and Vocational Training Courses

Knowledge and skills are engines of any nation’s economic and social progress. Due to the reality of more capable humans, the economy becomes more efficient, innovative, and competitive. Any economy’s ability to flourish depends critically on the volume, diversity, and expansion of employment possibilities. The rapid speed of technological advancement and globalization presents difficulties and possibilities for the economy to flourish and create jobs. The level and caliber of a government’s talents are crucial to take advantage of these opportunities and minimize the social costs and disruption that the growth to a greater open economy involves. In addition, higher-skilled nations are better able to respond to the opportunities and difficulties presented by globalization.

Strengths of Skill Development and Training

· The system’s standard and improving contribution to the stock of skilled human support. Report of the Working Group on Skill Development and Training set up.

· Involvement of our NGO in training institutions. 

· Infrastructure is available for providing skill training at various levels.

· Special focus on women’s vocational training and training schemes for the disabled.

· The system graduates have significantly contributed to improving productivity in the Industry. 

· The system has an extensive base for uniformly introducing new skill training courses/schemes at the national level.

· The uniform curriculum, procedures, regulations, trade testing and certification, national coverage, and system credibility ensure labor mobility.

· A good structure connects institutional and Internship training.

Current actions in skill building 

1. Better upkeep of machinery and equipment,

2. Training and development of faculty,

3. Organizing campus interviews,

4. Placement of the trainees as apprentices,

5. Arranging on-the-job training & industrial visits, 

6. Revenue generation / Job- work, 

7. Donation of Tools & Equipment, 

8. Vocational Guidance & Counseling.

Our Vocational Courses 

>Child Education

>Cooking Courses

>Professional Training

>Art & Craft

>Wood Carving

>Women Empowerment

Child Education

A child’s first opportunity to make friends is at school. The child’s sole human encounters up until that point have been with parents and close family members. Additionally, familiarity breeds complacency. Children are exposed to new concepts and peers their age in schools. This instills social skills that are crucial for maturity, such as empathy, companionship, involvement, 

Cooking Courses

You can get much further with the slow cooker dish of the day by understanding cooking tips. You can learn how to arrange meals around your schedule and lifestyle, as well as the key nutritional components of your meals.Our courses can assist you in developing important life skills and might ignite your desire to create something bigger.

Professional Training

We offer a program for IT and ITES research and development (Information Technology & Information Technology Enabled Services). In addition, we provide a valuable platform for individuals to train and maximize their potential, a necessary component of sustainable development. A technical skill set and specialized training are required for careers in the IT and ITES fields. We run courses to prepare young people for great and exciting IT and ITES jobs. The knowledge and self-assurance needed for a prosperous career in this profession are imparted through these courses.

Art & Craft

Art, craft, and design are some of the most creative things individuals make. A curriculum emphasizing art and design should challenge, excite, and interest students to provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to explore, develop new ideas, and produce their art, craft, and design performances.Students should be able to think critically as they progress and have a deeper understanding of creativity and inventiveness. They should also understand how art and design reflect and impact our history and contribute to our nation’s culture, innovation, and wealth.

Why Is Creativity Important? 

Creativity reaches hand in hand with imagination! Imagination underpins invention and vice versa. Imagination is essential to problem-solving, thinking outside the box, and engaging oneself in many purposes, such as art, literature, and film. Being able to think creatively and express creatively supports broadening the imagination.

Wood Carving

Wood carving is not just an art or some technique. It can also be a part of a person’s healthy way of life because it positively impacts the body, mind, and spirit. Our wood carving training is useful for individuals aiming for careers in woodworking and those who want to pursue wood carving as a hobby.

Women Empowerment

Our view of change is simple; empowering women to change communities. We receive that their families and communities prosper when women have equal rights, opportunities, and support systems.Empower India wants a just society where women have the freedom to reach their full potential and develop into agents of change for both their own lives and the societies in which they live. This voyage started in the villages. The women we worked with used these instruments to realize the goal of empowering India.Our approach has evolved, moving from financial inclusion to education. However, we have always prioritized women in developing all of our projects.


Such an education, combined with financial solutions, gives individuals and families the tools to increase their incomes and expand their businesses now and in the future. In addition to business training, Elysium foundation is the Best NGO in Madurai to teach employable skill sets that focus on personal development, vital job skills, and job placement. 

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