Women Empowerment through traditional cooking skills

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment through traditional cooking skills

Women Empowerment can be characterized in various ways, including recognizing and valuing women’s perspectives, actively seeking them out, and elevating women’s status through knowledge, awareness, literacy, and training. Through many socioeconomic issues, women’s Empowerment empowers them to make decisions that affect their quality of life. They might be given a chance to reevaluate gender or similar roles, giving them more freedom to achieve their objectives.

Women Empowerment has become a major issue in economics and development. Economically empowered women can manage their resources, assets, and income to their advantage. Additionally, it enhances women’s well-being and their capacity for risk management. On the other hand, it can result in approaches to support trivialized genders in a particular political or social context. Women’s Empowerment helps boost women’s status through literacy, education, training, and awareness creation. Furthermore, women’s Empowerment refers to women’s ability to make strategic life choices that had been previously denied them.

The five pillars of women Empowerment are:

Sense of self-worth.

Right to make and exercise choices.

Access to opportunities and resources.

The ability to control their own lives inside and beyond the home and to influence societal change in the direction of creating a more equitable social and economic order at the local, national, and international levels.

In this situation, key tools for empowering women and girls to assert their rights include education, training, awareness-raising, boosting self-confidence, expanding choices, increasing access to and control over resources, and taking action to change the structures and institutions that support and perpetuate gender discrimination and inequality.

Women Empowerment Principles In NGO Organizations

Education and Training

Spend money on programs and regulations that help women succeed in the workplace at all levels and industries and encourage them into non-traditional career paths.

Make sure that everyone has equal access to all education and training initiatives sponsored by the business, including literacy classes, vocational training, and IT instruction. In addition, equal opportunities should be provided for formal and informal networking and mentoring. Finally, give people a chance to advocate the economic benefits of women’s Empowerment and the advantages of both men and women being included.

Enterprise Development

Develop commercial ties with entrepreneurs, and small firms, especially women-owned businesses. Encourage solutions to credit and lending restrictions that take gender into account.

Leadership in the Community and Involvement

To end exploitation and discrimination against women and girls and to create possibilities for them, collaborate with local stakeholders, government, and others. Encourage and honor women contributions to and leadership in their communities and ensure they are adequately represented in all community consultations.

An NGO organization called Elysium Foundation emphasizes women Empowerment by offering traditional cookery training.

The Importance of Traditional Cooking Skills

Additionally, there are various advantages to training toddlers to cook. For example, cooking at home can be considered self-care because it “affects mental and physical health in an assortment of ways,” according to Well Good.

Enrolling in a culinary arts school will give you the abilities and knowledge required to operate as a chef in the kitchen, such as making food and creating new recipes, keeping the kitchen a safe place to work, and more. Even though this is important, you might argue that you can learn some of this by working your way up at a restaurant.

Becoming a skilled chef is only one aspect of the culinary arts. Numerous aspects of your life can be improved by studying the culinary arts, and you may also be able to enhance the lives of those you end up cooking for. Some explanations for pursuing a culinary arts education include the following.

But becoming a skilled chef is only one aspect of studying the culinary arts. Studying the culinary arts can improve your life in several ways and provide you the chance to improve the lives of others.

The Elysium Foundation runs traditional cookery programs that give women from various social groups the skills they need and the inner fortitude to face problems in life. Our organization, located in Madurai Annanagar, aims to connect, network, mentor, and empower women by promoting economic independence, gender equality, education, leadership development, career counseling, and social Empowerment.


Elysium Foundation is a Non-government organization facilitating an alternative route for growth using cultural heritage as concrete means for enhancing people’s livelihoods and empowering local communities. We train them professionally so that they can become an expert and become entrepreneurs. After the completion of the training, we have to settle those women. Therefore, they become financially independent and can work for self-growth. We at the Elysium Foundation, a leading charitable organization, support and encourage innovation, creativity, and growth for rural people by providing grants that increase employment prospects and the general economy.

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