Skill Development Program

The skill development program promotes the development of skills such as career planning and time management, as well as developing self-confidence and responsibility in the professional settings.

Child Education Program

Our child education program improves the communication, intellectual and early reading skills of the children, to foster the individuality and learning competencies of the children.

Student Entrepreneurship

Our exciting and motivational entrepreneurship program ensures a safe and educational environment to explore the entrepreneurial ideas and focus on providing strategies for developing small businesses.

Looking for aspiring Volunteers

Elysium Foundation bears the responsibility to operate in the ways that respect and ultimately benefit the people, communities and the environment. Every day, our volunteers are helping people to utilize creative thinking and behavior to bring the successful results. It takes hundreds of dedicated people to run the programs, conduct training, and deliver global and community-based volunteer efforts.

Our Progress

Child Education - 95%
Skill Development - 85%
Student Entrepreneurship - 75%
Women Empowerment - 70%
Rural Education - 65%
 Green Learning - 70%


Transforming Lives and Communities

blog-img Elysium Foundation is the center for Applied Excellence for helping the students, women and rural communities transform themselves as they confront real-time challenges.


Invest your valuable time and effort in transforming lives and promoting the welfare of the community.

An effort made for the happiness of other lifts us above ourselves

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Our Activities

We make the world we live in and shape our own environment

Through our creative educational programs, we inform the importance of green technology for the health benefits and energy savings from retrofitting the existing housing structures with solar energy and energy efficiency improvements and clearly emphasize the options related to energy efficient mortgage opportunities to the people. Our main aim is to ensure sustainable and equitable utilization of the resources and conservation of unique ecosystems.

Education is the soul of the society

Primary education to the children is the key to the economic development of the country. Students are taught to think critically, to strive to attain high standards and to meet the challenges posed by technological advancements and to develop citizenship and basic values.

Our child education program empowers the children by providing ample resource materials to achieve the goal of complete child education in India. In an increasingly competitive global economy, a well-educated, high quality workforce is recognized as a vital factor for economic growth and important foundation in the attainment of other development objectives.

Empowerment remains the key to both economic and social empowerment

Women empowerment is the vital instrument to expand women’s ability to make strategic life choices and achieve economic self-reliance. Empowerment of women empowers her family and in turn the whole community which translates to a powerful force that can change the world in significant positive ways.

Empowerment of women by promoting the fulfillment of women’s potential through education, skill development and employment, improves national economies, building an equitable society, increases household productivity and living standards and enhances the well-being of the children with positive long term impacts.

Entrepreneurship means identifying and valuing opportunities

Student entrepreneurship is a program or activity that prepares the students to understand all aspects of running a business and process of learning to become a successful small business owner or manager.

Our exciting and motivational entrepreneurship program ensures a safe and educational environment to explore the entrepreneurial ideas and provides interactive sessions that focus on providing information about the strategies required for the development of small businesses.

Join with us in the mission of shaping a better future and creating prosperity in the community

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